Emergency Generators and Backup Generator Power Solutions – installation, maintenance, and sales

Rocca Electric can help solve your your emergency and back-up power needs through sales, service, installation and rentals of emergency generators and backup power solutions.

generator animationYour power can go out for any number of reasons.
Sometimes, a transformer simply fails due to age. Occasionally, a work crew nicks an underground cable. Other times, an accident or storm causes damage to electrical poles or lines. When electrical service to your home or business is interrupted, a standby generator quickly detects it, starts up, and produces quiet, clean electricity—so you can get on with your life. It’s that simple.

Comfort, Security and Convenience You Can Depend On With A Standby Generator.

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How Does an Emergency Standby Generator Work? 
A standby generator system for emergency power and backup power system typically has three basic elements:

  1. Generator – Produces electricity for essential or selected systems like cooling, heating, refrigeration, security and lighting. Your backup needs, simple or more extensive, determine the size and output of the unit.
  1. Transfer Switch – Immediately senses when power is interrupted and transfers power generation responsibility to the generator. Senses when power is restored and transfers the load back to the utility source and signals the generator to cool off and shut down.
  1. Service Entrance Breaker – Provides protection to your transfer switch, internal breakers and circuits and generator due to electrical strikes and power surges.